Upcoming Workshops


TITLE:  A virtual Zoom “Introduction to Peaceful Abiding Meditation”

Teacher:  Christine Jeffcutt

Date: Saturday 25th March 2023

(future 1 day workshop dates for this workshop will be made available soon)

In this workshop you will learn:

  • About Shamatha Meditation what it is and what it isn’t and why we meditate
  • How to prepare our body, speech and mind for meditation practice
  • The different stages of Shamatha practice
  • How to do the practice with a guided Shamatha practice
  • How to work with obstacles that may arise – letting go of self talk
  • How to prepare a space for practicing at home
  • How to register for group practice on Peaceful Abiding website
  • How to become a Member of Peaceful Abiding and the benefits
  • The importance of having a Mentor

There will opportunities to meet with other students and for discussions with each other in Zoom break out rooms. 

There will be ample space for questions and answers. 

Morning session: 9.30am – 12.30pm

12.30pm – break for lunch

Afternoon session 2pm to 5pm

There will be one 15 minute comfort break/grab a coffee break in each morning and afternoon session.

Price: £90

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