Upcoming Talks

Date: Sunday 2nd April 2023

Time: 9.30am – 12.30am

TITLE:   A Virtual Zoom Talk: Breaking up with our old self-defeating habits.  How to soften and make friends with ourselves.

Teacher: Christine Jeffcutt

In this talk we will explore and discuss:

  • How and why practicing meditation reveals our minds to us
  • How grasping, pushing away and ignorance are the source of our habitual patterns
  • The different kinds of states of mind we find ourselves in moment to moment, day after day and how to recognise these states of mind
  • The importance of being non-judgemental towards ourselves
  • Practicing letting go and not taking ourselves too seriously
  • We will do a guided meditation practice session and there will be time for questions and answers and discussion groups
  • How to register for group practice on Peaceful Abiding website
  • How to become a Member of Peaceful Abiding and the benefits
  • The importance of having a Mentor

There will be one 15 minute comfort break/grab a coffee break during the session

Price: £45 non-members

Members £20

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