Secular Buddhism for Householders

Our aim is a secular approach which means it is not religious.  Secular means that these practices and teachings can be accessible and relevant to anyone.  However, there will be references to Buddhism and Buddhist teachers which you are welcome to follow up should that be what you are looking for or want to go more deeply.  Mindfulness practices use Shamatha to enable people to become more grounded and centered in their bodies.  At Peaceful Abiding we do the same but we go further than that in that there are teachings and teachers to help you every step of the way after you learn Shamatha if that is what you would like.

There are plenty of websites around offering teachings that are strictly Buddhist.  This is not our aim.  We are more interested in applying the teachings to ourselves as householders, living and working in society.  When we work on ourselves it has a knock-on effect to those people around us and is a way of doing our bit to make society better.  Society includes the people we live with, our family, friends, groups, work colleagues, environment, people we know and don’t know in this country and other countries, the animals and plants that inhabit our world, our planet and so on.  It is vast.  But change has to start with ourselves and then the benefits we experience will ripple out like when a stone drops into a lake and creates a small wave that reaches further than we can imagine.