Peaceful Abiding Meditation

Peaceful Abiding is the other name for an ancient Buddhist meditation practice called Shamatha.  It is a basic meditation practice that uses the breath as a reference point.  It is a meditation practice that involves working with the flow of our minds.  It is not about stopping the flow of thoughts, rather it is about noticing the thoughts and then letting them go as opposed to being caught up in them. 

The flow of thoughts can’t be stopped but our reactiveness towards those thoughts can be and that is what we practice when we do Shamatha meditation.  It is a simple practice that can be hard for our busy minds and stressful lives to do and yet in spite of that business and stress it is almost magical in its results for everyone who perseveres with it.  Shamatha meditation uncovers a space for us to work with our hearts and minds and the aim is eventually a sense of peaceful abiding with what is happening.

At Peaceful Abiding, we offer many different tools to help you maintain a regular Shamatha meditation practice and work with your thought and habitual patterns.  These include access to daily Shamatha practice both live and recorded, live and recorded classes, talks, blogs, recourse to a one on one meditation instructor, long term Buddhist practitioners and teachers and teachings bringing the ancient wisdom of Buddhism into our daily lives.

Peaceful Abiding is a lifetime’s aspiration and requires commitment to regular practice for it to work.  It is ideally a daily or certainly regular practice of mindfulness and study that we can start to bring into our lives.  Importantly, it is not about comparing, judging, pushing or forcing anything on ourselves, it is not aggressive.  Neither is it about grasping, desiring, needing or wanting – we do not lack anything ultimately.  We are sufficient!  And it certainly isn’t about burying our heads in the sand and feeling helpless and switching off to what is going on in our lives.  Rather it is about making friends with ourselves and adopting a gentle more forgiving approach towards ourselves.  And we can do this in just 15 or 20 minutes a day!  Just remember at all times, that you are worthy! 

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