Our Communities

Our communities are safe places where you can meet other like-minded people, enjoy a chat, bring a cuppa and a snack and learn the basics of meditation and deepen your understanding of how to apply the teachings of Buddhism to everyday life.  

Since COVID, many people prefer to join online events.  It is the case that face-to-face meetings have dwindled significantly with people preferring to study meet other people and learn in the comfort of their own home.

As householders we have families, jobs, friends, holidays, hobbies and so forth but we can still benefit from the sanity and clarity provided by practicing the teachings of the Buddha.  These teachings are practical and secular – i.e non-religious and non pretentious.  You don’t have to be ‘beautiful’  or ‘modern’ or adhere to any particular way of being anything other than who you are.  You are perfectly okay as you are.  So bring yourself along and meet others.  Your starting point is always with where you are now.

It is a fact when people can come together to meditate and listen to talks and workshops they can mutually benefit from each other and give each other support.  Buddhist teachings are secular and can be practiced and be of benefit to everyone in today’s world.  In fact, they are so important at this time of struggle, war, famine, refugee crisis and so on that these teachings, when understood and applied are a way for us to create peace in ourselves and for our world.  To have this opportunity to apply the teachings and discover the peace within is therefore vitally important for everyone one of us.

At Peaceful Abiding, we offer you everything that you would expect from being in a face-to-face group environment through the amazing technology provided by Zoom.  Zoom is provides us with the opportunity to meet with people from all over, rather than just from our local environment.  This means that we can meet with a diverse community of people and that means that we can learn about our differences as well as our similarities.  This is healthy and is the beginnings of creating a healthy society.  

For this reason, at Peaceful Abiding it is our intention to build diverse communities but also to provide classes that look at our diverse backgrounds, sexual orientations, ethnicities and so on.  We are very excited to be able to be part of a growing new trend in providing these amazing teachings and practices and have access to experienced Buddhist teachers who can help guide us in this.

We look forward to welcoming you to our communities.

MEMBERSHIP – just £10 a month gets you free weekly group sessions and half price talks and workshops & much more