Learning to meditate can be like learning to drive a car or ride a bike.  It is basically a very simple practice once we have all the bits of the process established in our minds and bodies.  But it is not necessarily that simple for both new or practising meditators to do as we sometimes forget bits of the practice and find that life gets in the way of our practice..

It is very helpful if you can have someone who can help you with your practice and give you support when you come up against difficulties or obstacles or you simply find that you have forgotten part of the process.

At Peaceful Abiding, we want to help you develop a practice of meditation to discover that peace within you and to this end we would invite you to take advantage of having a mentor to support you.  Your mentor has been through the processes, difficulties and obstacles and understands what can arise as you progress.  They are there to give you their unconditional support as your practice develops.

Members can have one free mentor session of half an hour per month but non-members will need to pay £10 per half an hour session.

To be assigned a mentor, please email to find out more about this.