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Weekly Wednesday Evening Mindfulness Meditation Zoom event
Weekly Starting January 10 2024 @ 7.30pm - 9pm
Online Zoom Event:  Zoom link will be sent once you register for this event

Join us for a guided mindfulness meditation evening and meet new people. Join us a few minutes before the start and bring a cuppa and get the relaxation vibe going. You'll be able to meet with a small group in a break out room for a chance to meet other people. Then you will be brought back to the main group and taken through a very relaxing mind body and speech relaxation guided mindfulness meditation presented by an experienced teacher. You can either lie down or be seated, as long as you are comfortable and can hear the instructions. There will be time for questions and discussion and some teaching to help you through the week ahead.

Come along and experience the benefits of a regular meditation practice for yourself.  We look forward to meeting you! MEMBERSHIP – just £10 a month gets you free weekly group sessions and half price talks and workshops & much more 
Online zoom event.  Shamatha meditation or, peaceful abiding meditation, focuses on training or taming our minds.  Vipassana meditation, or insight meditation, focuses on seeing things as they are.  When combined as a single practice and we synchronise our body, speech and mind we can start to make friends with ourselves and then we can discover our innate heart of goodness.  Once we have touched our innate good human heart and we relax, we start to experience an innate sense of inner peace, calm and insight and wisdom. You don't have to be a practising Buddhist to benefit from this workshop.  The teachings are secular and reveal our potential as human beings and can therefore easily be integrated into and applied to your every day life - your home, family, relationships, work, recreational life - every day life.  This workshop is all about providing you with the relevant tools and techniques you will need to begin this beneficial journey.  It is also a day for those who already have a meditation practice to deepen their understanding of the different stages involved and become more familiar with the practice.  During the course of the day we will cover the following:
  • Discovering our innate heart of goodness
  • Guided 7 Point meditation practice
  • Preparing our body speech and mind
  • How to work with obstacles that arise - understanding how we construct our ego
  • How to prepare a practice space. Regular practice and having a mentor
  • Meet like-minded people, discussions, Q&A, comfort and lunch breaks.
Zoom link will be sent by return email when you register for this event. Teacher: Christine Jeffcutt NON MEMBER PRICE £90 MEMBER PRICE £45 REGISTER HERE to become a MEMBER and enjoy free classes and Member prices as soon as we receive your first membership payment of £10.