Is Money a Thing? What is Your Relationship to Money?


Money is just metal and paper right?  That is of course correct, however money has an energetic quality, a flowing quality, a transactional quality, a give and take quality, an “I want more of it” quality, it imbues status, encourages greed, jealousy and pride and we judge people according to how much money they have or don’t have and some even get divorced when they disagree over money.   There is no doubt whatsoever that money underpins and rules our lives and we often will do whatever it takes to try to get more and more of it.

We all have a relationship towards money and habitual reactions to money such that often that relationship can cause us a great deal of pain and suffering.  But there is a way that we can work with our relationship to money and alleviate that pain and suffering.

For example, maybe we get a pay rise and we’re excited and happy or a credit card bill falls on the doormat and we’re angry and fed up because we know we shouldn’t have bought that new outfit or maybe we are someone who downplays and tries to ignore things.  Either way, we have an immediate and predictable habitual reaction in our mind to the event.  Because we react in a habitual way and as we have very little control over our own mind stream, we start immediately feeding our minds with familiar habitual positive or negative thoughts which we justify and which become more and more powerful.

The same thoughts spiral around our minds in an uncontrollable fashion and eventually that causes the need for a physical reaction.  We have to ‘do’ something to alleviate the feelings and energy of what has arisen in our minds.  We have to do something with the energy that we are creating through feeding our storyline.  We can’t just sit still and be with it and acknowledge it.  We pick up the phone, we jump around, go to the gym, book a holiday or buy a new outfit or we throw the bill in the bin, rip it up or put it in our to do pile etc. etc.  We have to do something.  We can’t just accept and be with what is happening.

Meditation is key to the way we can have a happier relationship with money regardless of our particular circumstances.  Through learning to meditate regularly, our own minds become our teacher and we start to notice how easily we get stuck in habitual responses to situations.  Reacting habitually, without thinking, somehow removes the life blood of what is happening to us and around us.  It dulls the senses or over excites us and we find that instead of having lively inquisitive open minds, we can get very bored with ourselves or over reactive and we close down and the constant feeding of the storyline means we are more likely to act out in some way.

Practicing meditation we make friends with ourselves and notice what is going on for us in a gentle and non-judgemental way.  We can choose how to respond.  We can have greater control over our thoughts and minds.  We don’t act out.  We can lighten up and take ourselves less seriously.  Life becomes less of a struggle and more of a flow.  We can then uncover a deeper understanding of the true meaning of abundance and our lives start to flow more freely with much less stress.

Meditation is the key that unlocks what is innate within us leading to true happiness, less struggle and greater peace.

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 Author: Christine Jeffcutt

May all being enjoy happiness and be free from suffering

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