Extreme Weather Event and Astrology

As an Astrologer for over 50 years, having produced various astrological charts and readings for many many clients, family and friends, I find that I am no longer taken by surprise when I discover an astrological event that has correlations with what is happening in the world.

We are in the midst of an extreme weather event in the UK.  We have yet another new record, having had over 5 consecutive days of temperatures being in excess of 30°C.  This has not happened in the UK since the year 1911.  Of course the climate emergency has much, if not everything, to do with it, but the planets, I believe, are reflecting this emergency and asking us to pay attention to what is happening with our climate.

So what have the planets got to say about this extreme weather event?  Well astrologically speaking, we have an event that happens at least once a year, whereby the planets Jupiter and Venus are forming a square to each other.  Normally a Jupiter Venus square would be over and done with in less than three days as the planets move at different speeds, with Jupiter being much slower (as viewed from Earth) than Venus, and so they would separate and move on quickly.  However, this particular square is an extremely rare event whereby neither are moving (called being on their station) which is normal planetary behaviour caused when planets are about to change direction (either retrograding or moving direct again after retrograding as viewed from Earth).

The reason why this event is rare is that on this occasion, both Jupiter (currently in Taurus) and Venus (currently in Leo) (both fixed signs) have been stationary and forming a square aspect since September 3rd, with no movement from either planet expected for the first couple of weeks of September (it’s still ongoing!).  It seems to me that the excesses of both signs could be said to be reflected in the abundance of heat and sun that is sitting over the UK and that we are experiencing currently in the UK.

Additionally, the combination of Jupiter (representing abundance, over indulgence, wealth, generosity, knowledge, beliefs, worldly concerns and understanding) in Taurus (representing our values, belief systems, attachment to specific ideologies, excesses, money and food) forming a square transit to Venus (representing love, relationships, comfort, beauty, holidays, luxury) in Leo (representing being over confident, enjoying being the centre of attention, drama-adoring, ambitious, loyal, generous, big hearted, generous) has – it seems to me –coincided, or manifested, with this extremely rare weather event but also in other ways.  These planetary movements are synchronistic with what is happening here and for each of us, and synchronistic events are what for millenia has caused mystics and others to sit up and take notice of what is going on in the heavens and how this reflects life on earth.  In others words, as above, so below.

Leo is ruled astrologically by the Sun and Taurus is ruled astrologically by Venus.  A Square between two planets is not a harmonious connection, the two planets’ attributes clash and rub each other up the wrong way, so to speak.  So not surprisingly, we see both planets trying to almost outdo each other and the excesses and unhelpful aspects attributed to the planets come more to the fore causing an imbalance.  Our more personal concerns, home comforts and relationships (venus) and more worldly concerns, sharing, generosity and caring for others (Jupiter) are in conflict.  Additionally, we may be overindulging ourselves in other ways that are only going to end up causing us more hassle in the long run.

For those of us who find some kind of meaning in Astrology, this particular event portends a time for reflection.    Reflection and non-action, maybe meditating and sitting still instead of ‘doing’.  The heat can cause us to not want to move very much.  Reflecting perhaps on our excessive behaviours, over indulgences, our fixed beliefs and intransigence and unhelpful habits and taking stock of where these unhelpful behaviours will inevitably lead us.  We might experience feelings of irritability or wanting change but being afraid of what change might mean for us.

As Venus albeit slowly (hinting at not rushing forwards, but taking time to consider) pulls away from Jupiter in a few days time, we should have a clearer idea of what needs to change in our personal lives and how we can make those changes.  It will be easier to move forwards with our plans and although Jupiter is going to retrograde in Taurus (appear to be going backwards through the sign as viewed from Earth), mankind will find that once again, climate issues, war and famine, the refugee crisis and all the many other worldly concerns will once again come to the fore and require us to sit up and pay attention.

Jupiter warns us that our fixed and narrow way of viewing the world needs to become more open, more flexible and less self-centred.  Our survival and the survival of our planet hinges more upon our concern for others and each other and less about concern for ourselves.  The message of Jupiter in Taurus is about expanding our minds and letting go of our petty self-centred concerns.  The rewards for heeding Jupiter’s message are abundance and plenty for all.


May all beings enjoy happiness and the root of happiness, may all beings be free from suffering and the root of suffering.

written with love for all by Christine Jeffcutt

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