Discovering Your Heart of Goodness

  How often do we put ourselves down, believing that we are no good, a failure, unworthy, doomed?  As human beings most of us do this all the time, every day, perhaps even every hour of each day.  We tell ourselves that we can never match up, be good enough, achieve our dreams, succeed and yet society […]

Who is inspiring You to achieve your human potential right now?

  I watched an interview with Sir Mo Farah last evening.  Brendan Foster (another great past athlete) was interviewing him and asked Mo whether or not his early life had anything to do with his success as an athlete? At the age of 9, Mo was trafficked to this country from Somalia, leaving behind his […]

Reminders of how an athlete becomes a champion and a meditator achieves enlightenment!

The path of meditation and mindfulness requires exactly the same level of commitment, motivation and training and exactly the same reminders and conditions to arise for an athlete or anyone wanting to achieve their potential or wanting to simply achieve a worldly or spiritual goal.  The training could be for getting the perfect photograph, or following […]

Extreme Weather Event and Astrology

As an Astrologer for over 50 years, having produced various astrological charts and readings for many many clients, family and friends, I find that I am no longer taken by surprise when I discover an astrological event that has correlations with what is happening in the world. We are in the midst of an extreme […]

Musical Orgasm for the Soul

Beethoven’s 9th filling body heart and mind A gift to and from the all encompassing, the all pervasive ground Uplifting the heart and swirling fiery light beams of love and Rainbow light, a colourful energetic display, a storm of passion A blessed download emerging from a silent world. The choral part is the most uplifting and […]

Abundance and Peaceful Abiding – is it really only about having lots of money?

Whilst out walking my dog this afternoon, I noticed that some of my neighbours were already putting out boxes of windfall apples for people to help themselves.  I stopped and took a few, leaving some for others to enjoy.  My senses were immediately aroused and I could literally smell the blackberry and apple crumbles that I could […]

How I Found My Roots through Meditation and Buddhism

When I was a child growing up in Peckham, London in the 1950’s/60s (yes I’m 71!) I always instinctively believed in God. There was no internet, no computers, no complementary therapies, no religion other than going to church (which we didn’t do) and we were living in the aftermath of the war surrounded by vast […]

The role of mindfulness meditation in reconnecting with Mother Earth

Peacefully Abiding with Mindfulness Meditation and by fully immersing ourselves in the natural world we can do our bit for the climate emergency Why we need the natural world? It is widely recognised these days that spending time in nature, in woodland, by rivers, lakes or the sea, listening to bird song, the tranquil sound of […]

When I’m in my head and when I’m in my heart!

A reminder to me how best to approach the challenges of my daily life! When I’m in my head, I see that the flowers in the garden need deadheading.  I grab the secateurs and mindlessly and aggressively snip away muttering to myself about this latest chore.  I don’t look back when I’m done!  I walk away.  We are separate.  They […]

Synchronising Body, Speech, Heart and Mind is the Middle Way!

A personal perspective on what it means to tread the Middle Way and how meditation is the path and the goal and the Middle Way!   I have noticed when I sit in meditation and go through the process to relax my body speech and mind that there is a distinct connection between all of […]