Is Money a Thing? What is Your Relationship to Money?

  Money is just metal and paper right?  That is of course correct, however money has an energetic quality, a flowing quality, a transactional quality, a give and take quality, an “I want more of it” quality, it imbues status, encourages greed, jealousy and pride and we judge people according to how much money they have […]

Manifesting the Divine Feminine into our World

  Most people probably view Buddhism as being primarily a male dominated religion.  This is because for centuries, Buddhism has been portrayed that way.  In spite of the fact that as in most religions, practitioners of that religion can be broken down into two groups – those who choose to live a solitary or reclusive […]

Is Buddhism a Religion?

I always find this question interesting and like to ponder it.  Generally, in the West, Buddhism is classified as a religion, with an added explanation that although it is classified as a religion it is a non-theistic religion i.e. Buddhists don’t believe in a creator, a God.  The definitions classify that in order to be […]

Taming our minds – Where do our thoughts come from and go?

Have you ever wondered where our thoughts come from?  Are we actually in control of our thoughts or do they control us?  Thoughts just seem to pop into our minds seemingly out of nowhere and we invariably follow them up and create a whole story around them.  Is it the case that if we become aware enough and […]

My Meditation Journey

I’ve been meditating for most of my adult life which I am proud to say is getting on for 50 years as an adult! Throughout my adult life, I have studied and tried all different kinds of meditation practices from visualisations such as imagining I am walking in a favourite peaceful place, guided meditations that […]