Since COVID many of us have become isolated and tend more often now to stay at home.  As life gets tougher and money tighter, going to classes and meeting other people can become a challenge for many people.  Finding access to help or support with long waiting lists from our GPs, Psychiatrists and many other therapists and institutions can be very frustrating with services typically being understaffed and underpaid. 

Using the modern-day video technology of Zoom that enables people to meet with each other on their computers and keeping prices deliberately low and accessible means that we can still reach out and be with other people who can support you.  Zoom can be very quickly and easily downloaded on your computer or phone.

At Peaceful Abiding our aim is to provide the means for you to stay at home, form a community with others who want to meditate, learn and be together.  A community where you can meet other like-minded people and learn to meditate, have access to teachings and classes and form an online community of people who don’t need to go anywhere to meet other people.  The communities are formed through joining our activities as presented by clicking on the links and registering via our website.  All you will need to join an event is access to a computer or phone. 

It is our aim to guide you through a process that will give you lifelong and life affirming skills and help you to create your own peaceful and content life.  A life less dependent upon waiting lists and available help.  A life that will help you be more independent and less dependent.  A life that you create for yourself, using those tools and practices to guide you to a state of mind where you can meet and work with the challenges that arise in a more positive and skilful way.

You will find all of our classes and workshops and prices @ Diary of Events & Booking

MEMBERSHIP – just £10 a month gets you free weekly group sessions and half price talks and workshops & much more